Why We Grow Old

by Seedlings

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This is our debut album. It's a collection of songs about the people and community we love.

Yes, that includes you.


released July 31, 2012

Danny Heggen -- vocals, guitar
Mallory Heggen -- vocals, glockenspiel, trumpet
Ryan Stier -- vocals, banjo, glockenspiel
Connor Moore -- vocals, drums
Kate Truscello -- vocals, violin



all rights reserved


Seedlings Des Moines, Iowa

A group of friends who really, really like playing music together. We plan on doing whatever we can to bring you something pleasant. Harmonies? Got 'em. Banjo? Done. Love you? Forever.

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Track Name: Where Did You Come From
As it was, I never thought I'd find you in this world so soon. But that goes way back -- before I met Kerouac, before I'd heard of you.

I'd let you in or I'd take you out -- depends what'll make you run. So tell me your name before I pass away. Tell me, where did you come from?

As it is, I was never one to miss what was going to come. So tell me your name before I pass away. Tell me, where did you come from?
Track Name: Take the Streets
On a dark street the city ends. Ignored the signs because they're all pretend -- some believe they're true.

Gave up begging, but in the end we're all gonna trade then we're all gonna spend. It shatters into what's been broken into.

Hostages that you take in. You tied up your habits now they're growing thin. What are you gonna do?

You found your answers but it depends what they make of you, what you make of them. Are they getting to you? Or are they coming for you?

Stole your words from the common man. Now you're crowding herds for the affluent but are they coming, too?

They told us all that they'd lend a hand. Then they told us all that they'd save our land. But will they ever do what they said they'd do?

So it don't matter how you take the streets when the streets aren't the place to be anymore.
Track Name: Between Us
I fell in love it seems like just the other day. Some things are strange. Some things they change. Some stay the same. I'm still surprised each time you say you're mine, so I write you notes, pick you flowers, let you cut in line.

That look in your eye, or whatever it is, that makes me feel like a child -- you know, it always gives me the feeling that I've found all I need.

It's right between us. Sometimes it takes the lead.

So we said goodbye to everyone and moved away. We found our stride somewhere 'round the Great Lakes. Then we turned around -- headed straight the other way. Thought it'd be nice to see the ocean and feel the waves.

I want you to know that we don't ever have to look away.
Track Name: High Tide Afternoon
Madeline, take me
Around the house, through the trees
Take me open armed

Sing your breath to me
Chorus of hair, weeps the trees
To my open eyes

Cooled our toes, sweet beach
Water-front home underneath
When sun shines on Madeline

Sing your breath to me
Chorus of hair, weeps the sea
To my open eyes

I wish I could be
Thirteen miles from the trees/sea
That's where we were free

So we'll lay beneath
The ocean's teeth and the beach
On a high tide afternoon
Track Name: Reappearing Act
Hello Sunshine, it's great to see you so alive. Where did you sleep last night? On the other side of the world -- that's right. But do you miss me when you set so tightly into the horizon -- beyond everything -- until you decide to rise again?

So take a look at the day before the sun comes and the moon passes away. There! Did you notice how all of those colors act as disguises? They're all disguises...like the way your hands and your eyes hold on to me.

I want don't want to think about the things I say, and I don't want to dwell on our good and bad days.

I just want to take the ordinary things and look at them completely, differently. Well, did you know that I don't care if you look the same as anyone? Because you already stood out to me.

So stand with me until we pass away.
Track Name: The House Light
I left the lights on for because you asked me to years and years ago. I still hold this as truth. And I can still see it in your eyes -- silents sighs, shutting off the lights. You pushed me to know. You looked into my soul.

You spoke to me in notes -- posted in the morning like little paper boats. I could sail you to the moon, or I could take you around the coast. Sweeping memories of our youth, we could never know what we'd been up to. The world was rich but we were young. And I learned how to listen with my heart pressed to your thumb.

And all the things you do have held through the years -- I still know how you get scared. And all the things you do have held back the tears. Years and years ago I feared that I'd never impress you...or stand with you under the moon...dance with you out in the rain...watch you let your hair down in june...or let loose those thoughts on your brain.

Did you know that I still long to impress you? Since you lit up this old dark room.
Track Name: Landmarks
Do you recall when we first woke up? You caught me in the rain like a drop on your tongue. One little taste was more than enough. I filled you for days. I was swallowed by love.

You told me not to wait. You told me not to fear. But if this takes another day, would you be mine next year? You invited me over some time after noon. You pulled me inside and took me up to your room.

Oh now, my darling, all it takes me to believe is a kiss each morning and a tug on my sleeve to drag me so quickly through the passing afternoon -- to the landmarks of memories, those maps that we drew.

How did you find me? Was it like you always knew that I'd be waiting for you?

Come now, tell me you've heard the one that begins like it ends and lives like it's just begun. Don't you know this little mystery is when I go, if I go, then I go?
Track Name: Near the Pine
Just wait until you have to go -- until you know for sure. I know your smile's a show. I've seen it all before...I hope they find a cure.

Minutes move in front of you -- they pass us by like ghosts. It's all I ever knew. It's what I'll miss the most.

When I think about the time we had, it's doubled up in year. Thank God for the camera lens that's keeping you right here...it's kept you right.
Track Name: We Can Just
Did I miss the beat? 'Cause my heart it felt something. And my mind, my hands, and my feet, they know there's no rushing this blood through a memory. Through those moments and minutes that are gone when I felt like hushing the clock, so we could just be.

Did I miss your speech? 'Cause my ears they heard something. But my mind, my hands, and my feet that want no more shuffling. Give me, one more step in this line, so I know that everything is exactly how it's supposed to be.

So we can just see...we can just... Well, I know the condition.
Track Name: Between Us (Olsen Twinns Remix)